It has been a family tradition ever since I was a child, to brew homemade root beer every year during October! My husband and I throw an annual Halloween Party, and we have carried on this tradition in our own family with our kids! After carefully tweaking and perfecting the recipe throughout the years, this is our recipe! Hope you all enjoy making this for your family and friends the Halloween season!

Homemade Root Beer Recipe

4 gallons of water

5 lbs of sugar

1 and 3/4 bottles of root beer extract (So about 3.75 oz, they come in 2 oz bottles)

about 10lbs of dry ice

  1.  Combine sugar, water and extract in a REALLY Large container.
  2. Then add dry ice, a piece at a time…USE GLOVES, the ice can burn your hands
  3. We try to start our rootbeer a couple hours earlier than our party, and gradually add dry ice piece by piece as the night progresses .  The root beer will become really chilled.  By the end of the evening it turns into a delicious slushy drink. The dry ice does the carbonating, and so the longer you let it set, the better it gets!
  4. Read my tips above…trust me…if you’re new to brewing root beer, you need to read the tips.

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