Fourth Decor This July

This Fourth of July I am blessed!  I am sharing this holiday with those closest to me, as I share with you my Fourth Decor!  I hope you enjoy my post!  



God Bless America!  Land that I love!   I feel really lucky to have been born into this nation, and I feel immense gratitude for that.   I was talking with my sisters today, and I have a sister who is currently living in Okinawa, Japan while her husband serves in the military.   For her to go overseas, and leave her native homeland, it is a great sacrifice.    Where you are born and raised is where you plant roots!  Here I am living in Saint George, Utah, in the very place that I was born, and I wake up every day feeling at home.    My sisters, including the one from Okinawa, are here visiting me this Fourth of July, in exactly the place where we were ALL born–This Fourth is more than a  celebration for me.  We’ve had lots of great conversation and memories to share.   So, wherever your home is, I hope you are celebrating it–whether it be here, or across the seas, home is where you plant your roots!

This post is about celebration!  If you have spent some time visiting my blog, you will notice that I like to party, and the way I party is crafting, decorating, and eating great food!  I hope to do a later post and share all the recipes we will be making this Fourth of July, because those of you who know me personally, you know that my family can cook!!!!  But until then, you’ll have to settle for my Fourth Decor Ideas.   I’ve got some cute ones to throw at you.


Pillows!!!!!! Who doesn’t love pillows! These pillows I bought a few years ago on clearance—I know, total abomination, I bought them instead of buying them. I did however buy some fabric to make some more pillows, but it looks like you will have to wait until next year to see them. Bummer right.


Take a look at the cute little throw in the background that says “Happy Fourth of July”. This was my first ever quilting project. One of my good friends from Colorado taught me how to quilt, and I am forever in debt to her because it laid the foundation for so many other projects. Thank you Chauri! This “throw” is actually a wall hanging, but I don’t have as much wall space as I used to, but I just love how it looks laid across the back of the sofa!


Now don’t you just love this banner! It’s my own design, and it’s got vintage flare! Several years ago I got together with family and we made these! I love paper banners. This one in particular has lots of details.


I found these cute little lanterns at the dollar store. We are going to string them up the night of the Fourth–they are even battery operated! Also, I have these hanging red, white, and blue swoops I bought on clearance at Kohls years ago! Decorating your outdoor space as well as indoor keeps the flow of the Holiday. Especially if you plan to entertain outdoors!


My dining room is scatter with festive bowls and dishes, and if you haven’t had a chance to see my Fourth of July wreath tutorial, make sure you take a look at that. .

Take a look at this adorable little flower arrangement! This was made completely from dollar store supplies, minus the red, white and blue ribbon in the bottom of the bowl. That was scrap ribbon that I used to make my Fourth of July Burlap Wreath.


Don’t forget to buy festive napkins,straws, and dish towels. Finishing touches make all the difference.