Wild West Saloon Costume PhotoShoot—Another Dress From Drapes

If you haven’t already noticed, there was a period in my former life where I loved dark curtains made out of shiny taffeta!!!!  And I still do, it’s just that now, I love making those drapes into dresses.  These curtains hung in my master bedroom when my husband and I first got married.   I had red taffeta bedding with red taffeta curtains and red beaded pillows—that’s right, it was bold and blinged out in bright red!!! So when I retired the curtains (and the bedding), I placed them in a storage bin for a future project. Then, here comes the future….

A few years ago, I pulled out that bin of old curtains, and I made this Wild West dress.    What was the occasion?  A “Murder Mystery Wild West Birthday Party” of course.   So I whipped out those old curtains that I had been saving and made this dress!   This was my first dress out of curtains and of course it wasn’t my last, nor will it be my last.    I still have a bin of curtains (and shower curtains) to go through.    I can’t wait for my husband to let me make him something—he’s not convinced of my design yet, but maybe I’ll have a costume for him before it’s over with.  I hope you enjoy these photos from my Wild West Saloon Dress photo shoot.    We had a blast!