A Muslin Fitting—Testing The Pattern On The Flesh

Honestly, whenever I see this part of anyone’s project (i.e. the Muslin fitting) I always think the dress is going to look like crap!!!! But trust me, a sheet doesn’t look the same as fitting the actual fabric to your body, and also trust me on this one, this sheet fitting IS a good fit. You’re gonna have to see past the sheet, marker lines, and frumpy hem lines to see what’s actually going on. This is one step in the process, and it’s an important one. This is just an old sheet that I used to cut the pattern.

A lot of people use muslin to do this, but I just used what I had laying around. My mom helped me do the pinning, and you will need help for that part as well if you plan on doing this project for yourself. Also, I will need to re-adjust my paper pattern slightly to match the adjustments we take on the fabric. This step is an important one, because whether you are drafting the pattern, or simply pinning it to your dress form you will have to make alterations to fit your actual body. Luckily I only had a few adjustments to make, but we will be adding these to the actual, drafted paper pattern to make the necessary changes.

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