COMING SOON-Measurement Guides For Pattern Drafting!

Measurement Guides For Pattern Drafting

I rarely ever draft a pattern for a dress in advance.  Usually I just pin the dress to the dress form and start sewing.  But because I want this dress to fit perfectly, and because I spent a little bit more money on supplies than I normally would, I am drafting a pattern for that perfect fit.   In order to draft a pattern, you need to take lots of measurements—so to help you out (and myself over the longterm), I have created measurement guides that can be used for pattern drafting, and also padding your body form.  I’m testing them out for this project, but they will be available at the end to download for free!   Make sure you subscribe to my website!  I will keep you posted on their availability.   Stay tuned to see more videos on how I make this beautiful, little black dress.   

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