A new baby and a new stocking Continued…

Turn the pieced-stocking inside out, so that the batting is inside. Then stuff the lining inside the stocking.

Stuff Lining in stocking
lining stocking

Pin and sew your ruffle to the top of your stocking

Pin Ruffle to stocking

Here is a tutorial for making a ruffler…



Bias tape, binding stocking

Open your bias tape, and pin it to the inside lining, then stitch around

sew binding to stocking

Fold bias tape over the raw edge to the front of the stocking and pin in place, then sew it in place.

fold over and pin bias tape
sew binding on stocking

To make a loop for hanging the stocking, Take a 7 inch piece of bias tape, make a loop, and sew it on the inside of the stocking.

sew loop for hanging stocking

Congrats! You’ve complete a beautiful homemade Christmas stocking.



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