Alora The Witch Handmade Doll

The Alora Witch Doll is modeled after the main character in my first children’s book, “Alora, The Birth of A Good Witch.”   Don’t forget to order your copy of “Alora, The Birth of A Good Witch”, and “Pumpkin Spice” for your Halloween Children’s Book Collection.  Enter the Realm…..

Doll Making—Alora The Good Witch Style⁣

So, I am at it again! For the longest time I have had in my mind that I was going to make dolls to match my Realm of Halloween Children’s Book collection. I thought it would be fun to hold an Alora, or Pumpkin Spice in your hands as you venture through the Realm of Halloween and read the words of the stories on the pages. Everything just comes to life. Ha! And the best part is, that not only do my kids love this, but I am having quite a bit of fun creating the dolls too. I have a lot of great ideas for designing and making these dolls. Creating is the most amazing part of this process. That’s kinda the reason why I keep making stuff…creation is fun!⁣


In the book, “Alora, The Birth of a Good Witch,” Alora is given a magical, twisted staff from the Lord of Halloween which she turns into a broom.  Later in the book, Alora’s brew shoots lightning to defeat the evil queen.   As I began the design for this broom, I just had to find a way to make it glow.  The staff is wrapped in twine, hand painted, and finished of with a “glow-in-the-dark” spiral.    And just for extra fun, I added cinnamon scent to the bristles of the broom.    The details in Alora’s broom add a little extra magical fun to the doll, as well as bringing to life the pages in the story book.   


My Alora Witch Doll is finished! This is the first doll pattern I have ever drafted, and I love how she came out. My daughter Alora, loves carrying her around the house. This Alora Witch Doll was made with a hand-painted face, cotton quilter’s fabrics, hand-painted stripes on her stockings, and her hair is handmade out of two colors of yarn. I made the witch hat out of cotton fabrics and the brim of the hat out of felt. The attached glow-in-the-dark broom was twisted with twine, hand-painted with two different colors of brown paint, and then wrapped in a spiral of glow-in-the-dark paint, and then sprinkled with cinnamon scents in the bristles. This Alora Witch doll is fashioned after primitive-style handmade dolls, and she measures 24 inches in height. ⁣


Meet the REAL Alora and Her Witch Doll—This is the real life Alora! Isn’t she just a doll herself! It makes me so happy to see her loving this doll. This Alora doll is designed after a “primitive style.” I love the look of “primitive” handmade dolls. A lot of the Halloween dolls you will find in stores for home decor have this “primitive” look, and I am just a huge fan of the style. It’s that rustic, old fashioned, handmade look with the long limbs, beautiful fabrics and hand painted faces. My plan is to design multiple “styles” of the Alora doll, because primitive dolls are just THAT, unique. I’ve been gathering ides for creating this collection, and I can’t wait to share all that I have in mind. This has been a fun little project for me and my baby doll!

The Alora Witch Doll is modeled after the main character in my first children’s book, “Alora, The Birth of A Good Witch.”