Corset Fix–Removing the Zipper and Adding a Lace Up Back

This corset needed fixing! Because of recent weightloss, my 17th Century costume no longer had that fitted waist that is absolutely necessary for a dress from this time period! It was time for a corset remodel!

I originally made this corset into a zipper back dress. It was my first corset with boning, and so initially, I did what I already knew how to do which was put in a zipper.   Good news was that I lost some weight, bad news was that the dress no long fit properly.   It lacked that tight, form fitting waist that is essential to all these 17th Century time period dresses.   The fix wasn’t as challenging as I thought it was going to be.   With some advice from a friend, and some 2mm rattail cording, I remade this corset onto a lace back corset with a floating back panel—and the results were stunning! I hope you enjoy watching these videos and photos that give a brief explanation of how I completed this project.  

finished corset with floating back panel, lace up back
Cutting out the zipper and boning channels to replace with lace up back
sewing in rigilene channels to floating corset back panel
sewing in new rigilene channels to replace the ones I cut out of the corset
wrapping rattail cording around 1 inch spaced pins for lace up corset back
rattail cording results
rattail cording wrapped around each side of the pins, then sewn down, floating back panel for lace up corset