17th Century Dress PhotoShoot


A little background about this location.  These photo were actually shot in my neighborhood at a house up on the hill.   This house recently burned down—and in fact, this turret, gate, and outdoor fireplace were all that is left.  The rest of the house had been been bulldozed that morning!   My friends were kind enough to let me use the ruins for a PhotoShoot. Who knew that would be all I needed to get these great shots!  The photos came out amazing!  We had the perfect lighting and the right amount of wind to blow those feathers around!!!


I ordered the wig off amazon, and I made the clip in ostrich feather pieces with feathers from Michaels and also with feathers I ordered on Amazon.   I also clipped on a large faux flower in the back.  I chose to use a contrasting gold ribbon to match the feathers for the lace up back of the corset—and of course, this dress was made from old taffeta curtains that used to hang in my living room 10 years ago—when dark brown was the trend.  Finally, the necklace I am wearing was a gift from my Grandmother, and it just makes the dress in my opinion!


I must confess that I felt like I should have been riding on the bow of a pirate ship in that dress!   I’m a little addicted to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, and so to be dressed in a costume from that time period—-ahhhhh…well let’s just say I felt like Elizabeth Swann for just a moment!