Grandma’s Swedish Hotcakes

Grandma’s Swedish Hotcakes Recipe

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This was my Grandma’s most requested recipe! A Swedish Hotcake is a slightly thicker and sweeter version of a crepe. It’s almost a cross between a crepe and a pancake. These are delicious! We serve them with butter and maple syrup.

I idolize this woman. She is one of my all-time greatest heroes. I miss her fun, spunky, fiery personality. I can only hope I picked up some of her wonderful qualities.

I remember going to White Water Park in Georgia, and my Grandma is in her seventies riding down the waterslides. She was an avid bowler up until she couldn’t bowl. She could sew anything–and I mean anything. She worked hard her whole life, and she raised one crazy group of kids that I call aunts, uncles, and of course my mom. I love this family! I’m lucky to have been born into it.

My Grandma left me with a lot of wonderful memories, and one of those memories was her Swedish Hotcakes. She used a big iron aluminum pan that was shaped like a pizza pan to cook her hotcakes. It was her mother’s pan before it became hers. The first time my husband (then boyfriend at the time), met my Grandma, she made him Swedish Hotcakes. Now my husband makes them for our family (he’s the breakfast cook). I’m grateful that we have so many wonderful memories of her. She had a zest for life–and she was spitfire! I love her and I miss her. This post is a dedication to her, and a memory of her. Love you Grandma! You have a beautiful legacy!

Grandma Elaine’s Swedish Hotcakes Recipe

Servings: 15-20 on a 10 inch skillet (about 4-6) servings

Categories: breakfast

Source: Grandma Elaine


• 6 extra large Eggs

• 2 cups milk

• 1/4 olive oil or canola oil

• 1 1/2 cups flour

• 1 t. baking powder

• 1 t. salt

• 1/3 cup sugar


Mix altogether well. On medium-hot greased 10 inch skillet or griddle, spread batter 1/8 inch thick. When hotcake starts loosening from edges, and you can slide a rubber scraper underneath, it is ready to flip. Serve with cinnamon and sugar or syrup.

*Grandma Bertha Kahler would make these for Elaine when she was a little girl.

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  1. I love your description, memories and pictures of your grandma. I believe you did get some of her spitfire and I love you for it. My mother’s name was Elaine, too. Can’t wait to try the Swedish Hotcakes!!

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