JOIN ME!!!-Let’s Get Fit In the New Year

Just for the record, I am really embarrassed of BOTH of these photos. I text my husband today and asked him to dig through his phone and find the chubbiest picture of me he could find, AND THEN, I texted my mom and asked her if she could send me the skinniest photo she could find of me from over the last few months. This is what they sent me–and I started laughing when I saw them both. I told my mom that my face looks so dumb in that photo, and she said, well just edit it (like it’s that easy to edit a face)! And even before my husband sent me the chubby photo, he text me just to let me know that he “found one.” That’s how I knew it was gonna be really bad! Well here you go! This is what happens when you don’t plan in advance with photos for something like this. Either way, these photos document my journey!

The Biggest Myth

The greatest misconception with getting the body you want, is the idea that working out at the gym will give you the results you are looking for. The reality is, the vast majority of your results will come from proper eating. Different diets achieve different results. You will not get the same results by following a 1200 calorie a day Cabbage Soup Diet, as you will a 1200 Calorie a day high protein, high carb diet. Your body will develop a different type of physique depending on the type of foods that you are putting in it. 1200 calories worth of donuts per day, will NEVER give you a lean physique. All calories are NOT created equal.

It’s Not Your Workout, It’s Your Diet

This January, I will be eating to get fit. I have consistently worked out 5 to 6 days per week for over a decade (minus those occasional pregnancies where I was lying on a couch dealing with morning sickness). However, all my most impressive results have always come, not from hitting the gym, but rather by incorporating the right eating plan! These photos are evidence of it. I’m excited to share with you what I am doing with my diet that has changed everything.

Join Me! I have a Plan and I Am Sharing it For Free

Join me this January, as I share with you my secrets for eating to develop a leaner, more toned physique—by simply changing the way you eat. I will be sharing detailed meal plans, healthy mental habits, and must follow rules that most of the fitness industry likes to keep secret, and that is often only available when you purchase a meal/workout guide from a workout guru. These meals are easy, delicious, and perfect for busy moms! It’s a great time of year to set a new goal. Let’s get fit together!