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OWL Halloween Pillow Pattern and Tutorial

This owl halloween pillow was made by my daughter Eliana (she’s only 7), and Me of course. She cut out the paper pattern, as well as the eyes, and nose of the owl. She also sewed the “OPEN SQUARE” stitch around the eyes all by herself. I did all the major sewing on the sewing machine (which only took me about 10 minutes or so). This is an easy project that could be completed in its entirety between mother and daughter in a couple hours or less.


2 Fabric Quarters (Black) for Body

1 Piece White Felt for Eyes

1 Piece Gray Felt for Iris of Eyes

2 Buttons for Pupils

Scrap Fabric for Wings and Beak of Owl

Embroidery Thread and needle to Stitch decorative stitches around the eyes

Iron on Backing (to hold the eyes and nose) in place for stitching

Poly-Fill Stuffing

Small Bag of Rice

Paper Pattern of Owl Body


BODY of Owl Pillow Pattern
Owl Pillow Pattern
The stitch I used around the eyes
Cutting out your pieces for your owl pillow and pattern
Use Iron on backing to hold eyes in place
Lay pieces out, and iron in place

Sew base of owl on first, iron, then sew two sides of body together

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