Valentine Game for a Classroom Party

Valentine Game for a Classroom Party

Pin the Heart on Cupid is the perfect game for a classroom party.  I have included all the printables you will need for this activity for FREE.   I am a room mom for my oldest daughter’s elementary school class, and so this is something I threw together for their Valentine’s Classroom Party.  It’s also a fun and easy Valentine craft for mom!  I hope you will enjoy using this activity for your own child’s classroom party!

Valentine Game for a Classroom Party

This is a really easy Valentine activity to put together for a classroom party, or even for a Valentine party in your own home.  Kid’s will love this!  Of course it is a take off the old-fashioned game Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Printing and cutting for this activity took me about an hour to do!  I am excited to take it for Valentine’s day to my daughter’s class.  For this activity you will need the follow supples:


  1. Cardstock
  2. scissors, and rotary cutter and mat for trimming straight edges.  See photos.
  3. Decorative straws
  4. Hot Glue and Painters tape, straws
  5. Blind fold , (I am using a strip of fabric)
  6. lamination supplies (optional)
  7. Sticky Tack (applying hearts to poster), a ziplock baggy (for holding the hearts), A mason jar (for holding the “arrows)


  1.  Print off your poster of “Pin the Heart on the Cupid” HERE  PintheheartonCupidPDF. ALSO PRINT, at the bottom of this post, the Hearts and cut outs for the Arrows.  See BELOW.
  2. Trim white edges of poster where necessary, and use painters tape to piece together poster (or you can order a professional size poster from Walmart online.  There is about a 7 business day turn around and it costs around $20)….I just used my home printer.
  3. Cut out all hearts and arrow tails, glue the arrows together with hot glue.  Place these in a jar or a cup.

Directions for the Valentine Game:

  1.  Have each child select a heart.  These are the hearts each child will use to pin on the poster.   Each heart has a different picture on it.  This will help the child identify which heart was theirs at the end of the game (or you can write their name on the heart).  Use sticky tack or tape to adhere the heart to the poster when the child takes their turn.
  2. Have the child pull an “arrow”  out of the jar.  The number on the arrow represents the amount of times the child will spin around while blind folded.
  3. Spin the child around for the set number of times while they are blind folded, and face them forward so they can “pin” the heart on Cupid.
  4. Whoever pins the heart closest to “cupid’s heart” wins.  I am bringing a small treat to give the winners.

*If you are ever interested in printing your own posters from home for free, the website I used to “Blow up” the image was Block posters.  It takes the image and splits it into printable pages so that you can print it on your printer.  It’s great!