THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS: History of Halloween Series, Article 1

This article is the cornerstone article in which my entire Halloween Series will revolve. In this series, I use the dark history of Salem, Massachusetts to dissolve fear-based illusions surrounding the holiday of Halloween, the supernatural, witches, witchcraft, ghosts, and magic. I expose how “patterns of thought” fueled fear and spread a “hysteria” that led to the hanging of innocent victims—a massacre recorded in history! Still today, misconceptions fuel fear-based, assumptions surrounding witches, Halloween, and the supernatural. If knowledge is power—let’s use REAL power to dissolve FEAR—and unraveling the history of Salem, Massachusetts is the perfect place to begin!.


IM COMING OUT!—This is my story of what it’s like to “come out” in my Mormon Faith. I’m finally purging! 7 years this October marks out the time that has passed since my father died. I’m just now finally finding AND having the courage to express in words what this mourning period has been like. At this point, I have nothing but love for my community—and those who truly know me, know that about me! If I didn’t have love, I wouldn’t still be here! I’m here, and I’m staying. It’s just time for me to “come out” so that I can move forward!