Melt and Pour Soaps

Sometimes I just get the urge! I love pretty decorative things that smell good! Right by our house there is a really, fun bath shop that sells handmade soaps and bath bombs. I love walking in and smelling all the scents! Once you see all the details that go into handmade soaps—you find yourself slightly addicted to the art of it all. Even more than using the soap, I just love the way it looks! I decided to give my own soap-making a try, and I started with the easiest method—-melt and pour.

Melt and Pour vs. The Other Stuff

When you research the basics of soap making, you will find that there is the easy-to-use “melt and pour” stuff, versus the “the other stuff” which is made out of lye. If you’re an amateur like me—you will discover that lye can burn your skin with lye, and it has to be handled with care…and blah, blah, blah (all kinds of scary stuff). When really, all you want to do is make some cute easy soap one afternoon. Sooooo, if you are like me, you will resort to the easy stuff called “melt and pour.”

Where To Find the Easy Stuff

I just went to Michaels and used a 50 percent off coupon. I bought a 1lb container of the goats milk base, and a 1 lb container of the glycerin. It cost me about $10 using coupons. 2 lbs will make you about 10-12 bars of soap—-and not just any soap, really, really pretty soaps.

Handmade Ocean Soap

Basic Supplies

1 lb container of goats milk Melt and Pour Soap

1 lb container of Glycerin Melt and Pour

1-2 Tablespoons coconut oil (added for extra moisture to the soap)

Assorted Mica Powders for color

Your Fav Essential Oil Scents

Glitter, seashells, etc.

Ocean Wave Melt and Pour Beach Soap

Instructions For Melt and Pour

This is the easy part—just cut blocks of the soap, place in a paper cup, and melt for 30 seconds at a time in the microwave. Add mica powders for color, and add essential oils and coconut oil to your melted layers. Pour into a soap mold or rectangle container. You can let the layers harden in between colors or swirl melted layers together—I even added sea shells. Finally, allow soap to completely harden before you remove it from the mold. Super easy right!!!!

Full Video Tutorial for Handmade Halloween Soap