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We are fast approaching the holiday season and finding a gift ideas for your hubby or boyfriend can be one of the most challenging tasks! Well look no further—I have a great list of ideas for you, straight from The Everything Housewife! In this feature article I cover electronics, gadgets, accessories, games, and handmade gifts that the special someone in your life will love!


My husband is a great gift-giver! He loves giving gifts, and yes, that also means that he loves receiving gifts. Have you ever read the book “The Five Love Languages?” Well if you have, you know how important it is to put thought and effort into gift-giving for your special someone. Studies have shown that gifts people receive “might actually affect their self-esteem and self-image positively or negatively, depending on what that object is.”  Meaning, the gift we receive will actually affect how we feel about ourselves.  Did you realize your gift-giving abilities actually affected your man’s self-esteem positively or negatively?  Wow!  That is impactful.  That makes me want to give a gift, all the more, that my husband will love.  I want him to feel good about himself, and so I try to get him things that he has not only talked about throughout the year, but I want him to love it so much that he talks about it with friends and family–with confidence!  That’s a sure sign that he loves what you give!    So, when your find yourself shopping for a gift for that special man in your life, put a little extra thought and energy into that gift, and remember, that gift has the power to make him feel better about himself, and when he feels good, so does everyone around him.

Giving thoughtful gifts is a way to make someone else feel special and bring them joy. What’s even more special is when HE actually loves the gift HE receives. If you are stumped on what to give your man, hopefully this list will give you a few ideas for the upcoming Christmas season, and even future birthday’s or for Father’s Day!

This gift list I have put together is unique.  These are gifts my husband has actually received and loved.  There are only a couple items on the list that he has not received, but are future requests, and I make note of them in this article.   Also, there is a wide range of Prices on this list, from $10 all the way to over $1000. You can find small and big ticket items that your man will love!  When it comes to the more expensive items on the list, my philosophy is, wouldn’t you rather that gift come from you than for him to buy it himself???  Because you know he eventually will purchase it himself if you don’t (anyway, that’s what goes on at my house)–so I am always trying to stay ahead of the game at the holidays. .  I always try to do a little larger gift at Christmas time that I know he will enjoy, but there are plenty of smaller gifts on this list that fit for any time of the year and make great stocking stuffers, father’s day gifts, and “just because” gifts.   I hope you enjoy reading this post, and I hope it gives you some great ideas for the holiday season! There is still plenty of time to plan and save before the holidays–So read way, and get ideas!

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There are Six Sections in this article…Make sure you read them all, and take note IN RED, there are special discount codes you can use on your purchases for some items.

  1. Electronics & Gadgets FOR HIM
  2. Gifts for The Man Cave
  3. Handmade Gifts FOR HIM
  4. Game Ideas FOR HIM
  5. Accessories FOR HIM
  6. Golf Ideas FOR HIM


From The Everything Housewife

Gift IDEAS for HIM

Mavic Pro Drone
Bose Bluetooth Headphone
AOMAIS Bluetooth waterproof speaker
NEEO smart home remote

My Favorite Electronics and Gadgets FOR HIM

This is a really cool list, especially if your husband is creative and enjoys electronics.  A lot of these things can be used for photography, family videos,  or filming outdoor scenery, etc.   Below there is a video our friend made from his trip–take a peak!

1. Mavic Pro Platinum —This drone is awesome! It’s lightweight, shoots in 4K, and is easy to travel with because of it’s compact size. The footage my husband has shot on this baby is simply amazing. If you’re man has a creative side, this is a great gift for those guys that are into photography, moving making, etc. We’ve made some great family videos with the software, and it’s just a fun toy in general, and we’ve also gotten some great aerial footage of local sports activities with our kids….on a side note, it’s a good idea to order extra propellers if you are new to flying. This item ranges just over $1000, and so it’s a little on the pricier side, but a great investment if you plan to purchase a larger gift! Make sure you check out this video taken using the Mavic Pro Platinum–this device puts out high quality footage. Check out this video made on the Mavic by one of our friends.

2. DJI Osmo Gimbal What’s a gimbal? Well, a gimbal is a stabalizer for your video photography. This one holds your phone. Have you ever taken a video of something on your phone and it looks like you were riding on a go-cart when you took it? Well the gimbal stabilizes the video taken on your phone…not kidding, you can be running with your phone, and the video is so smooth it looks like movie filming. This gimbal will run you just over $100, and is a great gift for any guy who loves taking video with his phone—and who doesn’t right?
3. Bluetooth BOSE Headphones—Does your man workout at the gym, but doesn’t like the cords of his ear phones getting in the way?  My husband works out, and he lifts heavy! The last thing your man wants to do is drop a weight on his phone, or get tangled in his earbuds, right? My husband loves these! The sound quality is amazing, however, I have also heard good things about Sony Bluetooth Headphones, so don’t be afraid to try out different brands. These will cost you around $300
4.Aomais Bluetooth Speaker—This little speaker is awesome! It’s a wireless, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker. My husband takes this with him when he is golfing, when we go to the park with the kids, or when he is out playing pickle ball, or on a family outing to the beach or pool. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear headphones, but you want to hear some music on a good set of speakers. This speaker is tiny, and light weight, and you can even take it in the pool. This is a very affordable gift item that gets lots of use at our house! This speaker is steal at $30.

5. Neeo Smart Home Remote and Hub—  Wow!  Now this is a cool device!   The Neeo is more than just a universal remote, it’s a wireless Hub for EVERYTHING you do in your home!  In fact, the Neeo remote connects to a docking station called, “THE BRAIN.”  Doesn’t that just sound cool!!!  Anything and everything you have on wireless devices can be hooked up to this remote!  Our blinds, bluetooth lighting, television, compatibility with Alexa, etc.  Also, my favorite thing about this device is that it has a simple screen that’s easy to operate, with only a few buttons.   We have other universal remotes at the house and all the buttons just become over-kill.   This is a device that is absolute necessary for the guy who likes to simplify his life WITH new technology.  If you have a true “man cave”…..well then,  hopefully you are moving towards a “smart home” theme by having everything on bluetooth.  The Neeo is a great place to start! It has a price tag of around $375.  ( I repeat this device in the “Man Cave” section–well, because it’s just that great!)

The TV Blanket
NEEO smart home remote
WEMO Bluetooth Lightswitches
Alexa Show

Gifts for the MAN CAVE!

The man cave is all about the feel!  Imagine, walking down into a room, sitting down on the sectional and cozying up in a warm blanket, and picking up a single remote where you push a button and all at once the lights go off, the blinds glide down, and the TV comes on!  Now that’s a man cave.

1.The TV Blanket—Is your man tall? Does his feet hang out of the bottom of the blanket? Does he get cold while he’s watching his favorite movies down in the man cave? Does he always leave his blanket unfolded for you to clean up? Well this is the perfect blanket for him (and you)! The fabric on this blanket is REALLY SOFT.  In fact, my husband actually said, “This blanket is as soft as a Minky Couture!”  Which is huge, since the price tag on a Minky can run you a couple hundred dollars.    The TV Blanket also folds into a perfect pillow for your man, because sometimes he needs a pillow and sometimes he just needs a blanket. It has a special pouch for him to tuck his feet in so that the blanket stays in perfect position while his legs
are propped up on the ottoman–This is probably his favorite part about this blanket.  Not kidding, he uses this blanket down in the man cave, and then he will bring it up stairs and take it to bed with him.  I don’t blame him–it is really soft.    And for you, the busy wife who is always trying to keep things clean.  This blanket folds up nicely into a pouch that won’t unfold unless he needs to use it.   This blanket is extra long, which you don’t find in most TV order blankets. This beats any blanket around, and its just under $40.
2. Neeo Smart Home Remote and Hub— Wow!  Now this is a cool device!   The Neeo is more than just a universal remote, it’s a wireless Hub for EVERYTHING you do in your home!  In fact, the Neeo remote connects to a docking station called, “THE BRAIN.”  Doesn’t that just sound cool!!!  Anything and everything you have on wireless devices can be hooked up to this remote!  Our blinds, bluetooth lighting, television, compatibility with Alexa, etc–EVERYTHING!  Also, my favorite thing about this device is that it has a simple screen that’s easy to operate, with only a few buttons.   We have other universal remotes at the house, and all the buttons just become over-kill.   This is a device that is absolute necessary for the guy who likes to simplify his life WITH technology!.  If you have a true “man cave”…..well then,  hopefully you are moving towards a “smart home” theme by having everything on bluetooth.  The Neeo is a great place to start!
3. Blinds and lights switches on Bluetooth—We just updated our basement blinds and lights, and everything is on Bluetooth! All my husband has to say is, Alexa, “Goodnight,” and all the blinds close and all the lights go of at once. For a man cave to be a man cave, it must be dark when he is trying to watch a movie, and you don’t want your man to have to move too far to turn of the lights, right? The cost of Bluetooth blinds depends on the number of windows, size, and quality you purchase. We purchased ours from a local store here in St. George, but you can always go to a big box store.  They are becoming more readily available and affordable. Our blinds are charged by a long extension cord that plugs into the wall (which we haven’t even had to use yet, and we’ve had them for a couple months—you don’t even have to replace batteries!  How things have improved!!! As for the light switches, these are the exact lights we put down in the basement! WE LOVE THEM! One Bluetooth light switch will cost you around $30.
4. Alexa This leads me to my next point. Amazon Alexa! If you don’t have an Alexa, well then, I just can’t even fathom a world without an Alexa. We hook up Bluetooth plugs and switches for lamps, lights, blinds—everything you can think of to an Alexa for a hub.  It’s a great additional feature to add if you have the Neeo Remote–they are compatible.   Also, when I need to reach my husband down in the man cave, I use Alexa as a “speaker intercom” system. This is one of my favorite features on Alexa. If you don’t have Alexa, well…even my Great Aunt has an Alexa, and she is in her seventies. Alexa can cost anywhere from $40-$200 depending on whether you purchase a dot, or even a show!

Custom Drawing on Engraved Necklace
Romantic Art
Sweet and Spicy pecan recipe
Song Written By Cult Tee
Handmade Tie Pattern

Handmade Gifts FOR HIM

This is my special section!  Especially the first gift on the list!  I just got this for my husband as a gift for father’s day, and it has been a very meaningful present for him.  Check out this list of handmade gift ideas, and get some ideas for your husband or boyfriend this year!

1. Custom Necklace with Engraved Drawing—This is a great idea for a personalized, meaningful gift, and it was made locally, here in St. George Utah.   My husband wears this every day! This gift is one that has meant more to him than so many others.  It is a custom designed, engraved necklace, and the drawing was done by ME, his wife, The Everything Housewife.   This drawing has tons of symbolism. In this single piece of art are years of memories and thoughts! I gave this to my husband for father’s day! . A local jeweler, name Jonny at Jonny Roxx Jewelry built the bar pendant and engraved the drawing on. It’s real silver, and the jeweler told me that the chain I picked out is one of the most popular styles this year. I also gave my husband a framed picture of the art to go with it. HE LOVES THIS! It has so much meaning. I won’t go into details about all the symbols, but it includes the births of our children, as well as inside jokes, songs we love, etc. It is a big bundle of meaning he wears around his neck. This piece cost around $400, and I had it made locally here at Johnny Roxx Jewelry! He’s very talented. Go check him out.
2. Romantic Handrawn Art—If you are creative, draw your man a piece of art! I’m currently working on one right now, with lots of symbolism, and yes, it’s a little Romantic.  If you can’t tell already, I like to draw!  This is a work in progress right now, but it’s going to be a special piece in our home with lots of meaning when it’s done!
3.Homemade Treats—My husband is already requesting a jar of my famous sweet and spicy candied pecans! He also loves homemade jerky. Yes, you can buy these things, but they don’t taste the same as when you make them with love! Trust me, the candied pecans are worth the effort, and lots of the men in my life, Uncles, stepdads, and husbands, make a request for this special recipe!.
4. Write a song—If your’e going to write a song….don’t be boring.  Venture out.  Put some beats into it.  You don’t have to know EVERYTHING about music to create music these days.  There are great programs like garage band, and internet sites like Splice where you can collect sounds and create music.   You can load it all on soundcloud so it can be easily accessed by your man.  Some of the greatest love songs are written by a woman to her man!  And check out Cult Tee, he writes a lot of his songs for the woman in his life–get some ideas for him on beats and lyrics.

5. Handmade Tie–This was given as a gift to my husband this year, and isn’t the floral print just beautiful!   If you sew, this project is something that you could easily complete in a day, and there is a free pattern here on one of my favorite blogs–The Little White Loft Company.  What’s more beautiful that a custom picked fabric for a tie made by you.

Pickle Ball Paddles, Recommended
Bottle Bash
SPIKE BALL, outdoor game
Corn Hole, Outdoor Game
Code Names Tabletop Game
Cover Your Assets Card Game
The Bears and The Bees Game


Im not gonna lie, ever since we saw the movie Game Night, I find myself wanting to be that devoted, but out of the two of us, my husband is the champion at games and game nights.  He inspires me to want to play more.  It’s always a fun tradition that we add a few more games to our collection for gifts at the holiday season.  He’s definitely a kid at heart and here are some of his favorite games we’ve purchased this year that would make great gifts.

1.  Pickle Ball—Have you played pickle ball yet? The courts are popping up everywhere here in St. George. Every tennis court around has been converted into a pickle ball court. Pickle ball is a cross between tennis and ping pong.  Its a great outdoor activity if your man is athletic. . It’s one of the fun new sports activies around.
2.  Outdoor yard Games—Personally, my husband loves, Corn Hole, Spike ball, and Bottle Bash. Bottle bash is one of our favorites to play with everyone.  You set up two posts with bottles on the end, and then you try to knock them down with a frisbee.   Its more challenging than it looks, but it gives you a great little workout.  You can gain or lose advantage by catching the frisbee.   Its a super fun game not just for your husband, but for the whole family.    Spike ball–we like to take to the beach, and corn Hole we set up in the back yard for whenever we have company in town.   All of these are great games to add to your outdoor collection.   My husband seems to really like games that involve a little bit of athleticism, but that he can easily teach to others so that they can play too.  These are great games for all of that.
3.  Tabletop Games—The three new tabletop games my husband is really enjoying this year are, Cover Your Assets,” and one of our new favorites, “The Bears and the Bees.” In the Bears and the Bees, you are attempting to build a “hive” by matching cards on each side.  It looks like you are building a giant honey comb.   It’s such a fun themed game!  They are both made by the same company–Grandpa Beck’s games!    My husband loves these games because there is strategy involved with a certain amount of skill required, but these games aren’t so difficult that people get lost while playing them.   These games are great for a variety of ages, and so it’s easy to get larger groups of people involved.  We certainly have a good time.  Also, my husband likes to take out games that the older kids can join in with.   We usually have large family gatherings at different points durning the year, and it’s a lot more fun when everyone can get involved with the game.  They are challenging and fun without being over complicated.   I personally also love the artwork on these games.  There is lots of eclectic details which make them fun to hold in your hand while you paly.    “Code Names is also a new game we tried this year.   Code games might be a little challenging for younger kids, but it’s great for adults and requires you to stretch your mental capacities.      You have to get creative, which my husband loves.   These games are worth adding to your husband’s list if he likes tabletop games.

SKELETON HD Men’s Bracelets
Cole Haan Chukka Boot

Taft Men’s Jack Boot In Grey Brown

Clothing and Accesories

My husband is a pretty snazzy dresser, and these are a few of his latest purchases he is wearing around this year.  Because he travels for work, he’s dressed up in a suit when he’s gone, and  then when he’s home he is still trying to dress it up a bit.   These are things he wears transitionally both in a suit and dressed more casually.   Make sure you check out the Discount offer code in this section from Skeleton HD.   He love’s their bracelets, and so do I!.  

1. Ankle Boots—My husband likes to dress pretty snazzy for work and at home, and his favorite style shoe is an ankle, Chukka Boot. He wears these with suits and casual clothes, and if you’ve got skill, you can even pull them off with the right pair of shorts. His favorite Brands are Taft, , Cole Hahn, and Steve Maddens. Good quality men’s dress shoes are worth the price for the quality.   The price range on these styles go from $70 up to $300.
2. Skeleton HD bracelets—My husband just loves these bracelets, and so do I!    They are called Skeleton HD Bracelets, and they have some really cool designs. The bracelets can be dressed up or dressed down. The have cool volcanic rock beads, skulls, and polished stones. My husband likes to wear his with a suit, and casual clothing. A lot of the styles have skulls—which we really love because they have a little bling while also being a little bit rock n’ roll. Price range on these $60-$120. Skeleton HD is also give a discount offer code to my readers! YOU GET 15 PERCENT OFF YOUR PURCHASE WHEN YOU USE THIS CODE HERE:  JENNY15    

3. Ridge Wallet—Does your husband carry around a bulky George Kastanza wallet? When he decides to take a seat, does he only sit on one side of his rear end because his wallet is so thick? My husband loves the thin design of this wallet.  This wallet is my husband’s favorite–and he’s gone through lots of different wallets.   My husband likes the thin and sleek wallets, but this one in particular has the best design he’s found. It’s small, compact, and it holds your cards tightly. Also, when you pull it in and out of your pocket, it doesn’t snag your pocket corners (and that is actually an issue with some of the sleeker designs). These wallets range in price anywhere from $60-$120 depending on what style you choose.

Nex Golf Belts
Bionic Relaxed Fit Glove
No Colar Golf Shirts
Bushnell Range Finder Review
Golf Ball Display Case

Golf gifts FOR HIM

Some of you know that my husband is an avid golfer–not to brag but he golfed a 69 yesterday on a par 72, and he’s competed professionally in the World Long Drive competition twice (oh wait…I am bragging… Pardon me, I’m a proud wife).   Not only is he a great golfer, but he’s pretty long off the tee with his longest recorded drive in competition at 432, and even longer out of competition (there I go again!)  My point is, he knows golf.  He’s very particular about his golf purchases, and so this section is compiled of his most recent gifts and purchases he has made this year!  It’s a list of his favorites this year–from someone who truly loves the game!

1. Nex Belts–My husband loves these belts.   These belts have a really cool ratchet design that just looks awesome with your golf gear.  They also have great dress belts for suits and other clothing.  My husband is really picky about his golf attire, and you just can’t go wrong with this style of belt.  My husband’s where’s a lot of white, and so he has the white belt.  These run about $50.

2.  Golf Ball Display Case—  If your husband is a golfer and he doesn’t have a golf ball case, well it’s about time he acquired one.  My husband hangs a ball in our case for every course he plays.  He’s got a pretty cool collection of balls too!  This is the exact case we have hanging on the wall in the office….actually one of two.  It’s a great case, and it only costs around $50

3. Collarless Golf Shirts-These are really becoming all the rage in golf. When you are watching the pro’s on TV, or my hubby play golf, you will see them sporting these new collarless golf shirts on the course.  I really like the style on him as well!.  Make sure you buy your golfing husband or boyfriend one of these this year! These shirts run between $50-$60.

4. Bushnell Range FinderThis is the rangefinder my husband uses.   If your husband or boyfriend golfs a lot, or even occasionally, this device becomes a handy little tool to improve your game.  This rangefinder measures and reads the yardage for the distance to the hole.    True golfers use this device, and yet a lot golfers still don’t know where to begin to look. My husband loves this brand, and has found it to be really accurate.   It really helps to refine the game as you gain more control over distance.  The price on this runs about $375.

5. The Bionic Relaxed Fit Golf Glove-Like I said earlier, my husband has competed professionally in long drive, and he DESTROYS golf gloves fairly quickly with his swing.   This Golf Glove has been the most durable glove he has found.  Its a great brand that holds up to golfer’s who play a lot or swing fast and hard.   This is the one he recommends.  This glove runs about $15.



Prior to completing this post, I contacted several of the companies and told them I would be writing an article about their products, and some of them were kind enough to give me a discount offer code available to only my readers on The Everything Housewife site.   Please make sure you look for offer codes in red, and As a note to companies listed in this article, please contact me on instagram if you would like to offer an offer code to my readers.  I can always add it to the article at a later date!