Halloween Wreath DIY Tutorial-Less than $20 To Make

Halloween Wreath DIY Tutorial-Less than $20 To Make

Halloween Wreath DIY Tutorial-Less than $20 To Make

This Halloween Wreath turned out amazing!!!! I was so happy with it that I stopped in the middle of making my own to make one for my sister for a birthday present–So you will find photos of her wreath and mine in this post.  I was inspired by a wreath my cousins made completely from dollar store items.  I built on their idea, but added more ribbon, deco mesh, and a crazy mad hatter hat for my dollar store skeleton.  I will also be posting their wreath as well in a later post.  All the wreaths are amazing.  The glitter mad hatter hat is my own design.  You can print the image below for the Mad Hatter Pattern/Template.   90 percent of my supplies came from the dollar store.  The deco mesh ribbon I got from Joann’s, and these are currently on sale for 50 percent off in the halloween section.  I hung the Halloween Wreath in my entry, right about my entry table.  It really stands out.  This was an easy craft that I worked on over a couple days.  You could easily get it done in one day, however I split it up to allow drying time for the glitter mad hatter hat.

Nearly everything came from the dollar store.  The skeleton, wire wreath, butterflies, clear bulbs, wide and thin rolls of ribbon, floral and craft wire–all from the dollar store.  Don’t spend a ton elsewhere.  You really can make a beautiful wreath from dollar store items.  Don’t be afraid to get creative.  I did buy the deco mesh at Joann’s because I wanted to make sure I had plenty of bulk, but other than that, you should be able to find all you need there.

Supplies You will Need:

Wire Wreath

1 Roll of deco mesh ribbon–Burlap color

4 rolls of wide wire ribbon

2 rolls of 1 inch wide ribbon

floral wire

craft wire

1 piece of cardstock for Mad Hatter Hat

clear Christmas bulbs

Assorted Scrap book paper to fill Christmas bulbs


Wood Sign with your favorite Halloween Phrase

Skeleton, butterflies, owl, and any other crazy halloween decoration you want to add.

Mod Podge

  1. Cut the burlap colored deco mesh into strips, and make each strip into a roll (roll it up like a sandwich wrap…you know…the ones you eat).   Then in groups of three, wire those rolls together.  Then take the bundle of rolls, and wire them around the outer edge of the wreath.
  2. Take the ribbon, wide and 1inch and cut into pieces varying 6-10 inches, tie the center with wire, and wire the ribbon in (see the photo, you want the ribbon to form a v-shape with both sides facing up…wire it in.)
  3. You can also form rings out of the wide ribbon (see photo), and wire in the rings.
  4. Be creative, fill in gaps with ribbon rings, or ribbon “v”s.    Make sure you cut the ends of the ribbon so they have a pretty v-tip.
  5. Cut 1 inch strips of scrapbook paper, roll up the strips, fill the bulbs.
  6. Take thick craft wire, wrap it around a marker or something thicker than a pencil, form a spiral–then slide off the wire, and hot glue a black butter fly to the end.
  7. Follow instructions for mad hatter hat below.
  8. Hot glue mad hatter hat to skeletons head, attach skeleton with wire, bulbs with wire, and wood sign with wire…also use whatever hot glue may be necessary to do this…glue wire if necessary to the back side of your sign, then attach it to the wreath.

Be creative!   This is your wreath.

Directions for the mad hatter hat:

  1.  Cut out pattern…you should have 4 pieces–The tall cylinder part, the top circular part, and two pieces that are the brim.  The tabs around the edges of the pattern are just for extra support for gluing to support each piece against the next.
  2. USE HOT GLUE.   First Hot glue the cylinder part together, beginning at the lower half first (use the brim as a guide for size.  Don’t glue the cylinder too skinny, or the brim will have gaps).  Then use the top piece as a guide for the upper part of the cylinder, if you glue the top too narrow (you can trim the top down if this happens).
  3. So, apply the top piece to the cylinder, and then glue both brim pieces together, and then apply the brim to bottom of the cylinder…..there are two pieces for the brim just to add extra stability.
  4. Coat the outside of the hat with mod podge completely and evenly, and then sprinkle it with glitter (I prefer extra fine glitter…it looks better).  Don’t touch it at all after  you apply the glitter or you will mess up the glitter.  Let it dry on a bottle.

*I may end up doing a video tutorial for this eventually.  It’s really not that hard, but easier to explain in a visual.   I made the pattern for the hat myself on my computer.  I’m no mathematician, so it’s not perfect, but it still makes a good looking hat.