Thanksgiving Mod Podge Wood Sign

Step Into Fall-Thanksgiving Mod Podge Wood Sign

Step Into Fall-Thanksgiving Mod Podge Wood Sign

Hopefully you have had a chance to take a look at my Halloween Mod Podge sign.   If you haven’t, take a look here.  This Thanksgiving Mod Podge Wood sign is just the backside of the Halloween sign.  I like to conserve space in my storage bins, so that I can make more crafts…obviously!  I love decorating, but I also hate all the hassle of taking it down–so this time…I just turn it over.

YOU WONT FIND THIS THANKSGIVING QUOTE ANYWHERE ON PINTEREST!   That is because my fabulous self made it up (well kind of…I pieced a couple quotes together, changed some words, added some new ones…..and now it’s ME!)  If you choose to use this Thanksgiving quote, know that you will have a little piece of me hanging on your wall.  I hope that makes you happy inside.

This is an easy craft.  I did it all in one night.   I took pretty fall paper, and tore it at different angles (leaving the white tear marks visible). I brushed the back of the paper with Mod Podge, and glued it down.  Allow the glue to dry before giving it a top coat of mod podge.  This will prevent bubbles. Then I sanded the edges a little, and distressed the edges I sanded, and the torn paper marks with a chalk stamp.  (*please see the previous tutorial here to see how I painted the wood box).

Finally, apply your vinyl quote.  This is an easy project….and I liked the way it turned out!  I was pleasantly surprised.