Repurposing Grandma’s Avon Perfume Bottle–Itsy Bitsy Spider Style!

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When I was a little girl, I used to love looking at my Grandma’s Avon Perfume bottles that she collected.  She had a whole shelf of them in her bathroom—and at the top of the list, this glass green bottle was my favorite.  I begged her for it.   She eventually caved, and she always did, and gave me the bottle.   My sisters and I used to play with the bottle and pretend that we were witches making potions and casting spells.   But as I have aged, I have wondered what is the best way to display this beautiful green bottle that belonged to my grandma…well, I think grandma would be proud!  


Watch this high speed video, where I make my own its bitsy spider for Grandma’s perfume bottle in less than an hour! The spider is made out of leftover beads, broken jewelry, and I repurposed Grandma’s avon bottle. I think she came out beautiful!