Christmas Pillows, DIY

Christmas Pillows, DIY and Tutorial

Christmas Pillows, DIY and Tutorial

I am a total nut for holiday pillows, and these Christmas DIY pillows are the perfect example of my obsession!  I made these Christmas Pillows last year, and just haven’t had an opportunity to showcase them yet on my blog, and so I am so excited to share!  The Joy pillow is one of my favorites!  I made a candy cane striped piping to go around the edge of a trendy gray fabric that I purchased at Joann.   The letters were cut out of a high quality felt, and I followed a pinterest tutorial to make the felt dahlia in the center (however, I used hot glue to assemble mine because hot glue is faster.)  I also used E600 glue to glue the felt dahlia flower to the front of the pillow.  Around the edges of the felt letters “J” and “Y” I used a clear thread to zigzag stitch the edge and hold it in place.   This is an easy pillow to assemble, especially for beginner sewers.   I have included in this blog post, a pattern for the letters, and a link to the tutorial on how to make the dahlia flower out of felt.

On a side note, I used hot glue to piece together my felt dahlia because it dries quicker.  The problem with hot glue is that the strings of glue end up sticking all over the felt.  So, when using hot glue, try to keep application as clean and neat as possible for your felt flower.  Also, if you do end up with little specks of glue stuck to your felt flower, there is an easy fix that I used to clean up some of my mess.   I covered my dahlia with a piece of fabric, and applied a hot iron for just a few seconds.  The excess glue specks melted into the felt, and became virtually hidden, but be careful, some felts can melt with an iron.  You just need a quick application of heat, and ALWAYS use a scrap piece of fabric over the to of the felt, so that you are not applying direct heat.

Finally, for the finished details, I bought a pack of mini plastic red and white peppermints from Hobby Lobby, and glued them into the center of the dahlia.  The peppermints had stems at the top that I cut off with scissors, and then I hot glued them in the center of the flower.  It really gives the joy pillow a festive look!

For my other Christmas pillows, they are pieced together with leftover scrap fabrics.  The snowflake was cut out of felt, and once again, applied with a clear thread stitch. For the “Wise Men Still Seek Him” pillow, I cut iron on glitter vinyl for the phrase using my silhouette Cameo machine, and applied left over scrap ruffles from a previous project to showcase the quote.

I Hope you love these DIY holiday pillows as much as I do, and I hope you attempt to make some of your own.  Crafting always fills me with the Christmas spirit around the holidays!

Click Here for Felt Dahlia Tutorial