Take note, you will see a cheat dessert listed on one of my meal plans. That’s because I actually CHEAT! That’s right! I give myself cheat desserts and cheat meals. I usually take one cheat dessert and one cheat meal each week IF, and ONLY IF, I need it. There are some weeks where I feel like I’m just killing it and the fat is flying off my body, AND SO, I don’t cheat. There are also some weeks where I feel like if I don’t eat some chocolate I might go mentally insane, and so, I always give myself permission to take cheat meals and cheat desserts. I define what those look like in this guide right HERE, and I talk about it in the video tagged below! You’re cheat meals and cheat desserts should be “defined” by specific boundaries. It’s easy to run wild with those. Here are the boundaries I define my cheat meals and desserts by…


These meals are EXACTLY what I am eating, and I will be adding more meal plans each week as I continue on. The meal guides are specifically designed for fat loss. My personal goals are to eat eat a 40/40/20 ratio of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats–fats being the lowest and carbs and proteins being balanced. I am shooting for a person weight goal of around 120lbs, and so I am eating 120 grams of protein, 120 grams of carbs (to match my weight goal), and 40 grams of fat or less per day. THESE ARE APPROXIMATES. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t hit EXACT ratios, rather, just STICK WITH THE PROGRAM, and shoot for those ratios. You will see results! I promise! 


It’s also great to add a weight lifting routine during this time so that you can add muscles mass. Cardio at the gym is less important than weight training if you are following these plans, both are okay, but weight training is more important. This plans will help you build muscle mass that is essential for sculpting your body. Most of your fat loss occurs through diet anyway, and these meals are perfectly designed to get you back to that toned muscular physique you may not have seen since your teenage years.


Also, be sure to use a macronutrient calculator if you aren’t following the meal plans exactly. I use MyNet Diary. It’s important for you to learn how to track, calculate, and prepare your own meals in the process. Learn the process, and it becomes part of your daily life. Just following my meal plans WITHOUT learning the process will hinder your LONGTERM fat loss goals because you won’t be able to recreate a program that works in your life. Please refer to other worksheets under my FAT LOSS section of my website, and also please watch my videos on instagram, youtube, and facebook to keep yourself on track. Let’s get fit in the New Year!


If you see a small car icon beside some the meals, this is my Fast and Furious Meal that I created in less than 3 minutes for if I was in a rush or really hungry and didn’t have time to prepare something more complex. You need to have some quick ideas for creating simple meals that will simply just fill your belly. Watch for these Icons as the weeks progress.

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