THE CLOSET OF MY DREAMS–The Finished Spaced (Part 2)

I wrote this article in a two part series because this renovation had many moving pieces. To read part 1, Click HERE. To create THIS closet, we would lose a next-door bedroom, but gain a large, master closet as well as a hall closet. In the process it also meant that our original tiny master closet would be converted into a Master bath, and then, our awful “jack and jill” Master/Main bath would be converted into a half bath. This was a big renovation, and we did it one step at a time. We started with the closet because that’s what we needed most at the time.


Believe it or not, I didn’t have a coat closet on the main floor–no coat closet, no storage closet, no linen closet, not even a broom closet. The shape of this room had a little nook right at the entry. Rather than have a weird angle in my master closet, we decided to frame it off “flat” and put a hall broom/coat closet on the other side. This was one of the most beautiful “tiny” spaces that was created by choosing to do the entire master closet reno.

Framing and sheet rock for the hall closet that will be created on the other side (you can see the “jack and jill” master bath that is shared with the main floor through the framing on this photo.
The hall closet that was created by putting up the sheet rock on the opposite side. I gained not only a master closet, but also a broom closet (which I never had on the main). Also, we added a beautiful door trim across the top.


For the closet, we used a partial IKEA hack. We used billy bookcases, IKEA ramsjo kitchen cabinetry, and custom pieced shelving with supplies from Home Depot. This project took longer than most of our other home projects, not because it took several weeks to finish, but because it had to be completed in sections. First we gutted, then we wired for recessed lighting, then we had to sheet rock and mud, then new carpet, and finally installation of the actual cabinetry. It was a big project because it required us to get everything else in the house ready for carpet. I’m not sure “exactly” how long this project took us, because it truly was a little here and a little there. Excluding the lighting and carpet, this project cost us around $1500 for all the cabinetry and moulding. Well worth the beautifully completed master closet.

For the shoe shelving and extra storage, we used basic white Billy Book cases from Ikea.
In this photo, you can see how we wrapped the cabinetry around the room, as well as the Ikea dresser we purchased that wrapped around the room. Also, notice the trim work over the entrance to the closet. We added this trim work to both sides of the entrance to the closet, as well as adding recessed lighting to the ceiling.
Here is the Ikea dresser we put under the window. We did change out the hardware to match the other cabinetry. Adding this “furniture” piece to the wrap around closet gave the room a decorative feel.
This center cabinetry with the glass doors is IKEA kitchen cabinetry. My husband custom built the shelving and rods for hanging clothes that went on each side.
Here is another photo of that Ikea cabinetry installed in the center section. We also had a custom counter top cut to fit this piece of cabinetry.
This is the view of our master closet from the Master bedroom. Our master bedroom appeared larger because of the wide doorway that it extended into the closet.