Sewing Measurement Guides–Now Available to Download for FREE

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It’s finally finished! I said they were coming, and now my measurement guides are finally done. I had been testing them out, and I think we are finally all set for me to pass them along to you!


If you didn’t get a chance to follow along with me when I made my Little Black Dress, then you may not be aware that I drafted my own pattern for this dress. What does that mean? It means I didn’t buy one of those generic patterns in the package made of tissue paper, rather I took my own measurements, and drafted my own dress pattern to make this beautiful, little black dress. I am the designer and maker of this entire project.


Some of you may be asking why you would even want to draft your own dress patterns when you can just buy the generic pattern and make alterations? Well the answer is easy–pattern drafting is how you mesh the perfect fit into the perfect design for your own body. Every BODY is different (pun intended), and so even when you do buy a generic dress pattern, you will end up making alterations. Also, sometimes you just want to be able to create. Maybe you like the sleeve off this dress or the skirt off another dress, but the whole thing needs a new neck line and flashier seam lines–well at that point, you’re gonna have to and WANT to draft your own design. AND AT THAT POINT, you’re already a designer you just need to put the design on paper to give it life.


You don’t become a real designer until you can actually produce what’s in your mind, and that goes for everything in life. So you were born to create? The next step is to make that vision a real life object–something that is actually tangible. These guides are the perfect way to start.


I do intend to make videos that will lay out how to actually take measurements using these guides. You will get the opportunity to watch me take measurements on someone else (when I find that someone I will start posting videos…wink, wink). At first glance, you may be overwhelmed with the word “worksheet” or “ten pages” or all the different arrows and marking points, BUT I’m TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW….it’s not that hard. All you have to do, is follow the directions.


It’s taken me some time to come up with all the measurements that I believe are necessary to start drafting patterns. Depending on your teacher, guides will use will vary slightly teacher by teacher. These are the exact pattern guides I used to design my little black dress, in fact, I created them so that I could draft the dress with ease. Drafting clothing patterns is not challenging, but it’s still basic math, and so the more organized and exact you are in the process, the better your finished project will turn out. These guides are not just for you, they are also for me!