Twelve Days of The Nativity

My religious roots are from a Mormon background.  I descend from the builders of the religious temples in my very own community that I presently live.   It’s a unique perspective to grow up in a heavily ritualistic community, and I can’t deny that it has deepened my understanding of the Old testament writings paired with the New Covenant. 

For those who come from ritualistic communities, like catholics or Jews, and of course my own religious community—religious rites, at some point, for the individual, take on an entirely deeper meaning for understanding biblical context.   Not as a point of salvation, but simply as a deeper way to communicate spiritual understandings.  I often write using symbols.  To me, symbols are a language.    For individuals who “see” through this unique lens, this type of biblical study is often referred to as typology.   If you enjoy typology, take a peak at my “Twelve days of the Nativity” article series!  It will be an interesting read for you!



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